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Are you a freelancer? Or do you work in a small agency? Upgrade to our paid membership and get exclusive benefits, including a license of a brand new typeface every month. Unlike in font subscription services, the license you’ll get never expires, so you can keep on using these fonts forever — even after you cancel your membership. The license includes use in print/desktop (for at least 3 users) and use on the web (for at least 10k monthly unique visitors). You will get all the font styles included in the family, in print and web formats, and sometimes as variable fonts too, when they’re available. Since it is members who decide, you’ll be able to vote for the typefaces that you want to receive. Plus, the profits of our membership go to the type foundries who participate, so you’ll be supporting independent type designers, too.

Member-exclusive benefits

  • 1 typeface per month

    A commercial license to use the typeface of the month on desktop and on the web.

  • New fresh free fonts

    Our top picks of new, high-quality free and/or open source fonts.

  • Font directory

    Find and save any font ever featured in the newsletter (coming soon)

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