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When can I expect the newsletter to hit my inbox?

Do you accept font submissions?

Typeface of the Month

What is the typeface of the month?

Where can I download the typeface of the month?

Can I use the fonts in commercial projects?

What usage is included in the font license?

Where can I find more info about the usage included in the license?

What if I need a larger usage than is included in the license?

Is the font license transferable to clients?

Will I get all the font styles included in the typeface of the month?

In which formats will I get the font files?

Will I get a free update if a typeface of the month is updated in the future?

Will I know which typeface I get every month?

Is the typeface of the month offered in exclusivity to Fresh Fonts members?

Why do the download links in the newsletter expire?

The download link in the newsletter has expired. Can I still get the fonts?

Will I get the typefaces of the month offered in the past?

Will you share my personal info with the type foundries?

Can I keep using the fonts after I cancel my membership?

Payments & Refunds

Which payment methods do you accept?

How can I update my payment method?

Where can I download my invoices?

Can I invoice my company for my Fresh Fonts membership?

What is your refund policy for the membership?

I have a discount code, where can I redeem it?

Do you offer student discounts?