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By Noemi Stauffer

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We’re small enough to care and big enough to deliver. With the professionals that are part of our network of partner foundries, we strategize, co-create, design, and engineer your next font project. Together with you and your team. No matter if you’re looking to refine your current logotype or scale your product with a full-blown type system, we’ve got your back. If needed, we can also provide a dedicated project manager, to make sure everything runs smoothly while you’re busy with other things.

Services we offer


We can design logotypes (also called wordmarks) for your brand or for your client. Our partner foundries are able to produce logotypes in a variety of styles, including custom-made lettering, and animated logotypes.

Logotype Refinement

If you are going through a rebranding process, and would like to redesign your logotype, or simply refresh it, we can rework it to accurately translate your brand personality—everywhere it’s needed.

Custom Fonts

Custom fonts are designed from scratch, and are tailor-made to meet your brand’s individual requirements. Exclusive to you or your client, a custom font can be used in your visual identity and across all your communications.

Font modification

We can customize almost any font from our partner foundries to make it your own. This is not only faster than designing a font from scratch, but it’s a great way to get a personalized font when working on a tighter budget.

Language Extension

We can design and add characters to your typeface for it to support Arabic, Japanese, Russian—or any other language. We also love to pioneer fonts in little spoken languages, such as indigenous languages.

Production & Mastering

If you have type design skills but need help with the technical side of things, we’re here to help. We can also take care of the production of variable fonts for you—with one axis of variation, or more.

Selected Projects

No project is too big for us. We work with a network of experienced type designers to deliver even the most ambitious projects.

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